Looking Ahead to our 2018 Flying SeasonFly with Colorado Paragliding

We love to fly. We know you do too.

We are gearing back up for 2018 season after a 2 year construction shutdown. While we're not taking any reservations for flights at this time, we are looking forward to a fabulous spring time. We're looking forward to hearing from you, so please do stay in touch and keep us on your list for an exciting flight experience in 2018.

Book you gift certificates Christmas and Birthday shopping list at this time.....

A tandem paragliding flight in Golden Colorado makes the perfect gift.

A tandem paragliding flight in Golden Colorado makes the perfect gift

The Perfect Gift for those with a sense of adventure and a desire to learn about paragliding or aviation. Participants need only be able to hike a short distance with a pack (20-30 lbs) up hill to the launch area.

Colorado Paragliding Gift Certificates

We're genuinely looking forward to a fresh new season of flying in Golden. At the moment we're now accepting orders for new 2018 gift certificates. All certificates will be sent out starting December 10th 2018.

Choose our personalized tandem gift certificate. It can be used at any time until the end of the Flying season (September 1, 2018).


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We are now accepting payments online thru PayPal (secured).

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